Lions Hit With Snowballs At Chinese Zoo, Onlookers Laugh With Delight

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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A lion is hit with a snowball at Hangzhou Zoo, in China

Animal rights activists are up in arms after learning proud, majestic lions are being bombarded with snowballs, for crowd amusement, in Chinese zoos.

Activists and concerned citizens worldwide are trying to figure out if this qualifies as animal cruelty, as the lions have no chance to defend themselves from those pelting them with snowballs.  If the people throwing the snowballs would step into the lion enclosure and throw the snowballs, then it would be fair.  The lions would have a chance to act appropriately to being taunted and abused.

The incident in question took place at the Hangzhou Zoo lion exhibit.  A brave ‘self journalist’ took the pictures and posted them online.  This is a major act in China’s highly regulated world of internet.  One upset user on  China Smack, who originally posted the images, commented, “If the lions weren’t locked in a cage, would the visitors still dare to attack them.”

Visitors at Hangzhou Zoo line up to target the lions


Lions squint and cower as they fear snowballs


Lions hit with snowballs


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