Live Video Footage of Actor Paul Walker Car Crash

paul walker before crash
paul walker before crash
[adsense]Footage of Walker posing next to car, before taking his last fateful ride in his friend’s Porsche, now circulating social media. The Fast and Furious actor was only 40-years-old.

Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker died in a car crash hours ago. The action movie star died after the exotic Porsche, in which he was a passenger, burst into flames after being entangled within trees and poles next to a building. Live video of the crash is now circulating and it is just simply sad, shocking and puzzling.

The crash happened in broad daylight. Driving conditions seem optimal and Walker was ‘his usual self’ at the charity event he attended earlier in the day, that is, lively, giving, compassionate and fun.

The identity of the car’s driver has yet to be verified by law enforcement, or the possibility that the crash was a form of foul play is not being presented as a course of investigation at this time. Excessive speeding seems to definitely play a role in this car accident, though inhibited or inattentive driving is responsible is not currently listed as a potential causal factor for this tragic event.


Image Media:  Photograph of car where late Paul Walker lost his life.  The car appears to have gone clean through a tree, bursting into flames.