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Local Cat Traumatized After Watching Owners ‘Do It’



[adsense]Wichita, KS – A local veterinarian is reporting the worst case of animal trauma she has seen in years.  “Snickers just looked on like an old World War II vet, gloss-eyed and lost like he was in a 1944 bunker in Normandy.”

Snicker’s owners claimed the cat walked in to their bedroom and watched them ‘celebrate’ their 3rd wedding anniversary.  “Usually, we stop and throw the cat out, but this time around we were a bit snockered and didn’t even notice him walk in,” reported June Ensley, Snicker’s human mother.

“By the time we were done, the damage was done.  Snickers sat wide-eyed, his whiskers slightly twitching.”

Growing desperate, the owners splashed cold water on the cat and rubbed catnip vapors into its nose. “It was no use,” Ensley reports, “he could obviously not handle what he had seen.  Our love-making tormented our cat to the point of catatonic stupor.”

Dr. Arbuckle, the veterinarian in charge of Snicker’s care, does not expect the cat to make a full recovery.