Local Gas Station Owner Shocked ‘No Guns Allowed’ Sign Failed to Foil Armed Robbers

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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No Guns Allowed sign failed to stop two armed robbers from robbing a local gas station.

Local Gas-N-Go owner Privda Patel is in utter shock after a new “No Guns Allowed” sign failed to stop his business from being held-up at gunpoint last night.  At 3:07 am, two armed assailants entered his gas station, wildly brandishing guns as they helped themselves to shelf items and even took time to fill two Slurpees in the empty petrol station.

Nighttime staffer Ryan Johnson was shaken by the event, “When they walked in, I knew it was trouble because they both had ski masks over their face and it was 90 degrees outside.  Both had sawed off shot guns.  No one is usually around this time of night, so I was scared.”

Johnson went on, “I told them we had a “No Guns Allowed” sign outside, and they both laughed at me and told me to ‘empty the da** drawer and get us some sacks.”

In all, the robbers made off with over $900 in cash and $230 of merchandise.

Privda Patel is outraged.  As an Obama supporter, Patel told his store clerks they could no longer carry their guns on premises, but instead would rely on security cameras and a large ‘No Guns Allowed’ sign outside the station’s premises.  Neither worked as a deterrent and local police are not able to tell the identity of the two robbers from the grainy store surveillance cameras.

“I am heartbroken, but happy my employee is okay,” Patel revealed to KMWT News.  “On the audio, I heard him tell them to obey the no gun sign, but then heard them laugh and one of the criminals cocked his gun in defiance.”

Anyone who knows anything about the robbery is encouraged to call the CrimeWatch Hotline.  The two suspects are still considered armed and dangerous, and will not be deterred by no guns signs.


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