Man, 70, Marries 15-Year-Old, Religion Is To Blame

Sterling Manchester II
• TopekasNews
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A man, 70, married a 15-year-old in the Jizan province of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia (TopekasNews) – A 70-year-old man married a 15-year-old woman and by no surprise, religion is to blame.  This story takes us to Saudi Arabia, where a 70-year-old man complained to local officials after his ‘wife’ ran away back to her family.

The man complained that the girl’s family had sold her to him for $20,000 and now he won’t be able to enjoy the ‘gifts’ of his purchase.

CNN immediately brought this story to international attention and human right’s personnel have responded.  The man refused to give up his identity at time of report.

The man is alleging the girl’s family took her back to the Al-Hurath village of Jizan, in Saudi Arabia.  Officials report that the man’s account of everything may be lacking in truth.  They believe the girl and man had a fight, resulting in her running back to her family.

What’s more sick and shocking than anything, is that by Saudi Arabian law, the girl cannot leave the man.  She will have to go to court and beg for officials to let her dispute and end the marriage.

Saudi Arabia has no minimum age requirement for marriage.  Groups have pushed for such necessary laws, but the nation’s long-standing religious tradition, back by powerful conservative religious scholars in the theocratic nation, will not allow disbanding of laws that allow old men to literally marry any girl they want and literally do whatever they want to them.

The tradition is perverse and must be stopped.  We can only do this when the United Nation and United States agree upon an international edict which creates official age limitations on marriage and relationships, and furthermore, we make religious based laws and tradition completely illegal in all nations.  We must end religion and theocratic rule to end such travesties as you have seen in this report.

At time of you reading this, that poor 15-year-old girl is still the man’s wife, and if they are together, he can be doing whatever he wants to her right now.  Try sleeping on that and even dare argue that this is a ‘moral’ thing.

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