Man Buys House Next To Ex Wife, Puts Up Giant Middle Finger Statue

No love lost: Alan Markovitz aimed the sculpture at his ex-wife's new partnerOrchard Lake, MI – A Michigan man is taking great pride in his new home that he purchased right next door to his ex-wife. To celebrate his new home, the man has erected a giant middle feature statue in his yard, that points directly toward his ex-wife’s general direction.

The man, Alan Markovitz, divorced his wife after she allegedly had an affair. His ex-wife is purported to live in the house with the same lover. Whatever the drama-rich backstory, the ex-wife and her lover have to look over and see a giant, 12-foot statue reminding them of their betrayal when they leave home each day.

According to Fox News, Markovitz never planned on the situation garnering nationwide attention, but a post on Twitter mentioning the statue instantly went viral and spread like wildfire through social media.