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Man Punches Kangaroo In Face To Save His Dog From A Choke Hold

An Australian man had to battle nature in order to save his dog from a kangaroo choke hold. The video footage shows a man going out into the harsh wilderness to search for his dog.

The video footage starts by showing the man’s dog, standing helplessly as a muscular kangaroo expertly applies a choke hold. The dog looks terrified as his owner leaps from his vehicle, not hesitating to size up the marsupial so he could free his best friend.

Undaunted, the kangaroo squeezes a bit harder and actually tries to break the dog’s neck. This is when the man assumed a fighting stance and forced the kangaroo to engage in a round of boxing.

The kangaroo looks confident at first, bobbing back and forth and preparing to go on the attack. A boxer named Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” The video clearly shows the adage applies to even beasts of the wild.

The punch staggered the kangaroo, causing it to wildly flair its arms and then hop away in confused horror. The man smartly decided to end the fight and escape with his dogs.