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Is The Marijuana Ice Cream Man Selling Iced Marijuana To Your Kids?

Little did you parents in Colorado, Washington and other weed enabled states know this, but the ice-cream man is now allowed to sell lactose flavored marijuana to your children.


Just take a good look at it.  There it is.  The very thing I warned would happen if the liberals were allowed to legalize gay marriange and marijuana!   Now here it is, all juicy and sweet, minty colored and ready to get our children addicted!  The candy man is playing his siren song and the children are being pied piperd right into a life of addiction and sin!

What is even more terrifying here my friends, is that there is transparent marijuana out there.  So some of these iced cream cones have secret marijuana in them.  They do not have to list marijuana on the side bar of ingredients so maybe you already had yourself a few licks of this dangerous drug!

3010129244_image6368969x_1_370x278_xlarge The next time you hear that ring-a-ding of the ice creams man, beware! It may just be Satan driving the truck, waiting to tempt your children with a cold summer treat that will lead nowhere but to the fiery gates of Hades.

My friends, let’s make this summer sticky and soggy for Satan, and not support any local ice cream mens. This will send a clear message that you will not stand for “Magic Mint Pudding Pops” or “Satan’s Phallic Bombpops of Addiction”. Once his summer supply of marijuana laced ice creams get all mushy and unsold, he will remember that ice cream is the invention of a Christian and drugs have no place in it.