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Merry Christmas From The Holderness Family, #Xmas Jammies

First, there was Gangnam Style. Then, What Does The Fox Say. Now, I believe the next YouTube-video to go big will be this Merry Christmas ditty from the Holderness Family.

In a very cute and fun Holiday family, Mom and Dad Holderness, along with kids, give a recap of their 2013 to the tune of ‘Welcome to Miami’. From the looks of it, you would swear that Dr. Suess was directing the entire video.

That credit, however, goes to Greenroom Communications, which we learn in the video is a clever startup (making the video a clever viral piece) started by Mom and Dad.

Just like Piers Morgan not understanding American Humor, the furrowbrows over at the Metro just don’t get it, calling the video many things it is not.