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Miley Cyrus Seduces Jay Leno To Destroy Obama Voting Base

Hollywood singing star Miley Cyrus is the latest in a line of country-girl celebrities to use their bountiful, busty figures to lure famed Obama supporters to the judgmental court of public opinion.  Last night on Jay Leno, a heavily perfumed Cyrus tried to seduce Jay Leno with everything from pheremones to revealing dress.  And the host was caught with his tongue lapped out several times.

Jay Leno is a crucial element to Barack Obama’s reelection chances.  Leno, along with Letterman, control the late night and therefore the mind of the elderly who sporadically sleep, college students, medical workers and insomniacs.  Altogether, these people can make up a good 50% or more of all voters, a number large enough to turn the tide of the upcoming election.  If Miley Cyrus can get Jay Leno caught into a scandal of adultery and lust, she’ll only grow more popular while making a pro-Obama celebrity look like a no good perv.

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Satin topped stilletos flirting with a skirt that exposes taught, fresh legs, Miley Cyrus leaves little to the imagination in her ‘easy access’ dress that has firmly grabbed the attention of Jay Leno.  Note how her short hair cut means little to no distraction should Jay wish to continue their interview orations in the backstage.