Mitt Romney and Tagg Romney, Building a Kennedy Legacy?

In this candid photograph, to the right Mitt Romney stands next to his wife Anne as he prepares for more politicking.  But to the left, a young man who looks a lot like Romney stares on with impassioned eyes.  That young man is named Tagg Romney and he is the biggest threat to the Progressive Movement since Ronald Reagan’s historic election.

Sporting a ridiculous, memorable name that would even give George Costanza pause, Tagg Romney sticks out because his political instinct, polished looks and devotion to building a new-age Camelot, ruled by Republicans.  Mitt Romney was not going to run for president in 2012.  It was the unction and insistence of Tagg Romney that encouraged Mitt to do so.

And according to Romney family insiders, it has always been that way.  In 2008, Tagg Romney gave up his duties as CEO of Solamere Capital to work full-time for Mitt Romney’s presidential run.  In 2006, Tagg again gave up his personal life to help Mitt Romney’s lieutenant governor win reelection.

All of Romney’s five sons are highly educated, millionaires and able to hold their own in a political battle.  Republicans are already speculating if the already wealthy Tagg Romney will enter into politics, where his more natural, Kennedyish manner of speaking and addressing people stands in stark contrast with his father’s more generic, out-of-touch perception.  Tagg Romney is the type of guy working men would invite over for a good lager as they took in a baseball championship series.  That is, if Tagg wasn’t devout in faith.

Religious to the core, stories of how Tagg Romney still regularly drives a church van and is approachable by every-day people in his life abound.  He’s really seen as a man of the people, as the type of role model a young JFK was to millions of young families nationwide.  It’s this leadership adn charisma that makes him a great danger for the progressive movement.

Tagg Romney can win hearts and minds.  He is articulate and has the ability to give off a timeless look.  Among his successful brothers and extended family, he is a hybrid Bobby and John Kennedy.  The only problem:  his political ideology mirrors his father, as he’s groomed himself to be.  In the next few years, be on the lookout for Tagg Romney.  If for some reason fate works against America and Obama loses the upcoming election, a new dynasty will be born before our eyes, in the most visible way possible.  We’re not talking just about a possible 8 years of another Reagan type politicians.

We’re talking about a political family dynasty, the Romneys, becoming the backbone of the Republican movement.  And with all their talk of destroying the middle class, America’s social safety net, the abolishment of women’s rights and the melding of church and state, we can tell the last 70 years of progress since the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt goodbye.  And with that, with the rise of a Republican controlled Camelot, we will see the ultimate destruction of America.