New Marijuana Drug Krokodil Will Rot Your Flesh and Destroy Your College Child’s Life

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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There is a new Soviet-created marijuana named Krokodil not only filling the inner-city streets, but also being traded in America’s suburbs and colleges.

Like most marijuana, krokodil is addictive.  After only a few tastes of the drug in any form, you are hooked.  But the scary thing about this type of marijuana is that it is quickly deadly:  it will rot your internal viscera, bones and skin.  The drug is called ‘Krokodil’ because it will literally eat through your body and make it look like you were bit by a giant saltwater crocodile.

marijuana lungs

The necrotic effects of this new college party drug are numerous and beyond the scope of tolerance for many.  The external effects are simply put as horrifying, as you can see in these Google Krokodil image results.  Remember that in the image included in this article, the lungs became this damaged after only one week of smoking marijuana.

The lungs are those of a student from Colorado University.  He attended a fraternity party and was offered a ‘bong hit’ of the marijuana.  After just one puff of the bong, he was naturally hooked.  He toked it several more times and suddenly fell ill, so much that he disturbed the party as several students rushed him to the nearby hospital.

After one week in the ICU, he died of rotted marijuana lungs, a fate usually suffered after 10 to 20 years of smoking normal grade marijuana.  This krokodil drug is from Russia, begging the question if Vladimir Putin is laughing as he reads all of these stories of America’s bright students being wasted away by this horrible new drug.

Parents, the only way to get krokodil off the street and make sure your child’s flesh does not rot off from them and then they die is to vote to ban marijuana in every city, every state, every country and this planet.  The governments of the world must destroy marijuana, just like we destroyed the Bubonic plague.  It is deadly and dangerous:  not until humanity is marijuana free can we be free from grave dangers such as this.


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