New Violence in Iraq Proves President Bush Right To Not Invade

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Obama dragged America into a costly, deadly war in Iraq that severely damaged the US economy, international relations and cost the lives of brave American troops.  Now, insurgents continue to roost in Iraq and smug Obama is to blame.

I hate to say I told you so, but right now every single Obama-voting liberal in this country needs to eat Crow’s pie and apologize.  President Bush was right to not invade Iraq and sustain an ongoing war there.

Obama, coming into office, could not resist the notion of being the new Sheikh of Arabie and abused his presidential powers to force US troops to stay in the country.  President Bush warned us that destabilizing Iraq would have dire consequences, and now we see he was right.  Terrorists are running free in the streets of Iraq, the oil is not secured and the Iraqi government is looking to Iran as their savior.

Now before anyone complains, yes, President Bush did lead a police action in Iraq to arrest Saddam Hussein and bring him to justice for burning down all the oil fields in Kuwait and making George Bush, Sr., look bad by betraying our trust and hiding WMDs, when we expressly forbade Iraq from having such weapons.

But President Bush never signed America up for a costly war against a fictitious army.  Look at all the horror now:   OBAMA IS SENDING TROOPS TO IRAQ.