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North Korea Unveils Bronze Barack Obama Statue, Honors Him “Brother in Communism and Bright Future North Korea”

North Korea Barack Obama Statue
North Korea Barack Obama Statue Pyongyang, North Korea (DailyMail) – The secretive state of North Korea unveiled a 35 foot solid bronze statue of President Barack Obama.

At a ceremony in the communist-Asian state, a spokesperson for Kim Jong-Un noted the statue was made in honor of Barack Obama, who Kim Jong-Un believes ‘has proven with his love of basketball and communist values, the only true brother of North Korea in the Western world.”


The giant Obama statue is speculated to be a move by North Korea to warm relations with the United States.  For several months, former N.B.A. star Dennis Rodman has served as an envoy for North Korea, revealing little secrets about the nation’s controversial dictator leader to Western media.

Rodman hinted that North Korea would take steps to bridge friendship with the United States, and creating an Obama statue in its ‘aisle of heroes eternal’ is a sign of showing great honor to the United States president.

The statue’s description:  “In the exalted company of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, forever the leaders of the free and democratic world, Barack Hussein Obama is adopted into the eternal grace of North Korea, as a night [sic] for the Democratic Workers of North Korea.  With great leadership, Barack Obama is destined to teach the world  the eternal message of the Great Father Kim Il-Sung:  free healthcare, free food, free house and free North Korea!”

Critics note the Obama statue has a Western styled suit with wrinkles, and despite his tall stature, the US president is depicted as shorter than his two counterparts.  A South Korean artist, In Song, notes this is due to North Koreans being taught that Americans are generally short and unkempt, compared to themselves.  Obama also appears to be holding a device, thought to be indicative of a tablet, which supports the view held by North Koreans that Americans are permanently connected to a form of technology and cannot live without it.

Ring-wing critics are furious and many have taken to Twitter, with the general message that this statue proves once and for all that “Obama is surely a commie”.