Obama Caught Celebrating 9/11 With Osama bin Laden

Haywood Bynum III
Fire and Brimstone Republican • TopekasNews
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Shock and awe!  Osama bin Laden is still alive, Obama staged the entire Seal Team 6 narrative and they are celebrating 9/11 with vodka spiked with the shed tears of innocent Americans!

As I browsed the internet in my duties as cultural protector, I happened upon liberal website Reddit.com. I found a cabal of liberals were praising Obama and crowning him king for the entire Syria mess, but then I found one interesting link. A person self-identifying as an ‘Soldier of Christ’ linked to Obama’s Facebook profile, where he somehow bypassed the privacy settings and revealed the images Obama is sharing with all his Facebook friends.


Here we see Osama bin Laden, looking happy and healthy as he shakes hands with Barack Obama! This picture was taken only hours ago, my friends. The two are ready to party and celebrate 9/11. Who else thought it was fishy that Obama oh so conveniently ‘got’ Osama bin Laden, when a real General and Commander in Chief like President George W. Bush was so unsuccessful in nabbing this villain.

The answer: Obama faked it all! Just like we caught scientists faking the existence of dinosaurs, the entire Osama bin Laden being killed narrative is just another fabrication of the liberal-media machine!


Look here as Osama lets himself get seduced by Saddam, shooting a little casual game of 8-ball before getting drunk and riding out to enjoy a night of belly-dancing and hookah in the high end streets of Dubai!  My anger is kindled like a pit viper on fire right now!


On this photograph, I can only guess the two political lovers are playing a game of hide and go seek, making fun of all the years President Bush toiled searching high and low through the desert, digging through the sands of Arabia inch by inch until his hands were withered and tears dried up in search of the man responsible for 9/11.

How horrible is it that Obama is now best friends with this man, a Dennis Rodman to Kim Jong Un relationship playing out in front of us all?



Here we can see the two amigos are taking shots of whiskey and making a toast to 9/11 and all of us who mourn today.

It is heartbreaking to learn that Obama has lied to us once again, this time about the well-being of Osama bin Laden.  My children and family all slept better at night thinking that this monster was wiped out.  But instead, we find that Obama made it all up and even worse, is celebrating with Osama bin Laden.

I am still in shock and just going to stop writing for now.


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