Obama Takes $7 Million Dollar Hawaii Vacation, Then Raises Taxes on Middle Class

Sterling Manchester II
Overtaxed American, Progressive Libertarian • TopekasNews
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On January 3rd, 2013, Obama and Congress agreed to raise taxes on Middle Class Americans. The increased tax will allow Bush-era tax cuts to continue for the rich and allow funding for Obamacare/welfare to increase for those who do not work. The increased taxes will cost Middle Class Americans between $200 to $400 a paycheck.

The American middle class awoke today to find Congress had reached an agreement on the Fiscal Cliff deal:  increase taxes on the middle class.  Wage earners who make around $30,000 dollars a year will be hit far more hard than wealthy people making over $500,000 dollars a year in America’s new tax plan.  President Obama was all too happy to sign off on the ‘fiscal cliff’ deal yesterday, then take off with his family for another $7 million dollar vacation to Hawaii.

I wish I could say I were kidding, but this is how Congress and Obama are treating America.  They are literally ‘making it rain’ with the tax money of the Middle Class, and quite frankly, we need to stop allowing this time happen.  It is almost symbolic that the year Dr. Ron Paul quit Congress that the president and the legislature of America join forces to put the final dagger deep into the back of the hard-working American middle class.

America has reached a crisis point. This year, as costs continue to rise for everything you can imagine, you will notice that your paycheck is getting smaller. A smaller paycheck means harder economic times for Middle America. Less spending power for Middle America means less businesses, less jobs and more people teetering on the brink of poverty.

More families will struggle to put kids through college. More families will be forced to live paycheck to paycheck. When you are making over $500,000 a year, even taking a 30% increase in taxes will hurt your wallet. But for Americans in the pure low to mid middle class range, the tax increase can bring financial ruin. Why is D.C. forcing people to become mouth feeders on poverty, hungrily gobbling up benefits, using government cell phones, getting free health care and eating lobster dinner while the Middle Class that is being bent over a cheap Ford Pinto after a date gone horribly wrong struggles to keep its dignity and composure?

Graph showing distribution of tax hike under proposed chained CPI

It is time to reign in government spending.   Every member of Congress was given a raise just several days ago:  in total, the federal worker raise will cost all Americans a total of $11 billion dollars over the next ten years.  That is an extra $1.1 billion dollars of taxes so the very people who created the financial crisis through greedy deals and are now sticking it hard to us, can go and have a life of luxury.  The Congressional members and President who signed the new tax code into law fall in the $200,000 – $500,000 a month income range.  All their ‘extra’ tax, which is lower than the majority of Americans, is already offset by the taxes that we pay.

DEBT HITS $16,432,706,000,000.00

All Obama vacations to Hawaii have cost American taxpayers over $20 million. With France narrowly avoiding a 75% tax, a desperate proposal due to their running the economy like Obama’s Utopia for non-working Americans, we are in for the same treatment.

Workers making less than $30,000 taxed most in Obama’s America.


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