fukushima Alligator-Snapping-Turtle-Largest-Ever-Caught-Beats-The-Facebook-Photo-Easily-665x385

Fukushima Alligator Snapping Turtle Wrestled Up In Oklahoma

[adsense] Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma – Residents of Oklahoma are not sleeping easy tonight.  Hours ago at Lake Eufaula, one brave fisherman wrestled down the mighty beast pictured above.  Biologists initially claimed they had seen nothing like it, but one official from the Japanese Institute of Reptilian Sciences instantly recognized the...

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chinese scientists

Chinese Scientists Play God, Create Giraffe-Elephant Chimera

Today Chinese National Media is buzzing with news of the country’s latest genetic achievement, a giraffe-elephant hybrid. [adsense]Beijing, China – China continues to display its scientific superiority to America.  For no other reason than showing the world, namely America,  how far its abilities in genetic manipulation have come, Chinese scientists revealed...

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Chinese Scientists Unveil Shark Horse Creature

[adsense]Beijing, China – Chinese scientists announced the world’s first shark-horse chimera, which locals are calling the 鯊妖馬 (literally translating into “The Great Horse Shark Demon”). Scientists reveal that the creature has a largely mammalian bauplän, including cardio-respiratory and pulmonary systems.  In testing the creature could gallop upwards 65 miles per hour and...

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marijuana candies

Edible Marijuana Candies Kill 9 in Colorado, 12 at Coachella

Denver, Colorado and Coachella Valley, California – Marijuana candies, sold on the street as ‘Uncle Tweety’s Chewy Flipper’ and ‘Gummy Satans’ are taking the country by storm.  Each candy is an emulsification of sweetened Jello, vodka and minced marijuana.  Huffington Post reports that within a week, 9 college students have...

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