Oklahoma Town Claims Bloodmoon Is “Wrath From God For Not Cancelling Cosmos”

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Concerned Oklahomans gathered on the eve of the first bloodmoon to protest future airings of Cosmos, claiming the show is ‘vexing God and causing him to do apocalyptic things as a warning to cable networks.’   Several groups continue to protest outside local television affiliates and have even called for ‘succession from the union’ if state legislatures do not pass provisions that ensure Cosmos is banned from airing in Oklahoma.

Stillwater, Oklahoma – Irate protesters took the streets late Monday evening to start protests for the bloodmoon, a rare lunar phenomenon local residents claim is a ‘warning sign from God to take Neil DeGrasse Tyson and his Cosmos program off the air’.

Protesters allege Cosmos is inherently ‘dangerous and occult inspired’ because it’s titular narrator, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, is a “prophesying acolyte of Ra-based astronomy who constantly uses the show to constantly disparage the Judeo-Christian mores and values inherent to the people of Oklahoma and creationist beliefs.”

Stillwater resident J.D. McGee stood in the bed of his truck, leading chants of ‘Cancel Cosmos, Cancel Satan’, a call in which hundreds of residents joined.

“Look at Neil DeGrasse Tyson, he is always wearing Ra priest icons on his shirts as he cusses at our children and poisons their minds.  They are showing this Wiccan Sun occult show to our children at schools, yet they cannot learn about the Bible and how God actually created the Heaven and the Earth,” McGee reported, also saying he signed a petition for legislators to take immediate action on at least airing the show with a cautionary disclaimer.

“The facts need to be clear,” McGree continues, “that this show is opinion and not fact.  It is teaching some dangerous stuff and look how things are going for the Egyptians right now.  Chaos.  If we don’t want that type of society here, we have to stop Cosmos from destroying our American values.”

In total over 1,000 people joined in the protest and built bonfires to sit outside and look upon the bloodmoon, which many in the crowd believe is a ‘dire warning sign of the apocalypse.’.

Stillwater Oklahoma Online Petition To Cancel Cosmos

Apparently #Cosmos can just lie on TV.  The moon was actually created by God.  As was life.  So we do know where life came from, and it’s not from the Big Bang like Neil DeGrasse Tyson is trying to brainwash our children into believing.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is upsetting America’s children with his radical claims.  Cosmos is making mankind seem alone in a vast universe, our existence being the whims of nature instead of the intelligent creation of God.

How can children sleep at night, in a dark, endless room in which the Bogie Man could suddenly come out to grab them and gobble them up.  Neil DeGrasse Tyson is trying to convince everyone the universe is the perfect nightmare, that we have no supernatural Heavenly father looking out for us.  And to our children, that type of concept is not appropriate but so terrifying they cannot forget it.  And that is the basis for indoctrination.  Cosmos is trying to teach our children scientific believes vis-a-vis fear.

 1.  Chap pants and Vegas-hustle cosmic vests?

Is this really what we want a child’s educator to wear to class?  Would you really be okay if this was your child’s school teacher?

I’ve seen performers at Chip-N-Dale’s dress more modestly and less seductively.

neil degrasse tyson chip in dales or scientist



What is even worse, is the vest he is wearing is a ‘cosmic vest’.  If you look into Egyptian iconography, you’ll notice the symbol he is wearing all over the vest is that worn by priests of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God.  Now, the symbol is used exclusively by Illuminati.

neil degrasse heff

Neil DeGrasse Tyson lounges about in pink slippers and Hugh Heffner’s robe of perversion.  Zooming into the robe will reveal miniature Ra-sun icons.  These things have no place in our schools.

2.  Giving the finger to Creationism



Neil DeGrasse Tyson cusses at our children to scare them into his radical belief system.  If that is not bad enough, here is his best argument against Creationist’s questions.

If you were to ask Neil DeGrasse Tyson a ‘gotcha’ question, such as ‘if evolution is real, then explain the bombardier beetle’, this would be his response.  He cannot articulate a good response against sound Biblical logic, so he just loudly yells and gives us the finger, or monopolizes a television show like Cosmos and tries to paint pastors, popes, priests and monks as the bad guys, when in reality the former at the best educators in the history of humanity.

For these reasons, the people of Stillwater urge other communities to unite to cancel Cosmos from syndication and to make the show apologize for its campaign against Creation Science.  Any future DVD/VHS airings of the show should be prefaced with the following warning:

Disclaimer:  Cosmos is a science-fiction show about a normal man using special effects and not actually travelling the universe in his ship of the imagination.  Any information against Christians in the following video is false and not necessarily true.  Creationism is a true science and over 6,000 years old, the claims promoted by Cosmos are recent new-age cult science that holds no true academic merit.  Only those older than 18-years-old are allowed to watch the following program Cosmos.

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