Paris Hilton Tweets “RIP Nelson Mandela. Your ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech was So Inspiring. An Amazing Man. <3"?

Update: This ‘Tweet’ by Paris Hilton has now been confirmed by a prank by some jokesters on Twitter. That is a relief to know that people are not confusing Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela.

[adsense]Hollywood, CA – Professional party-girl and world renown dubstep co-founder/dj, Paris Hilton, unfortunately hopped on the ‘Thank Nelson Mandela” bandwagon in a very embarrassing way.

In this Tweet on Twitter, we can see @ParisHilton tweets, “RIP Nelson Mandela.  Your ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech was so inspiring.  An Amazing man. <3”

It seems Hilton confused a few things here.  As we know, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., an important man to the Civil Rights Movement, is largely attributed with the now famous ‘I Have A Dream Speech’ in America.  Nelson Mandela is known for his role in combating apartheid and segregation in South Africa.

At least Paris is trying here, though it is really a sad testament that so much of our global history is lost to this younger generation of reality tv, iPhone socializing kids who just don’t have a good sense of culture, history and its importance to humanity.