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Paul Ryan Dishes Duty Proves Republicans Worthless Fashionistas Who Love Photo Ops

Akron, Ohio (Topeka News) – It’s that special time again where politicians do crazy things they’ve never done before to gain a vote from their most needed base.

For Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, this time of year involves spending time with people they would rather thow into the La Brea tarpits and be done with them.

Romney has already said the “47% of Americans” who are poor or impoverished he does not even acknowledge, so why Paul Ryan decided to show up to a soup kithchen today is pretty clear:  photo ops.

Despite what comes from the mouthpieces of their campaign, Team Romney/Paul will continue to do things that directly contrast what they stand for.  In Denver, Colorado, we saw Romney’s ability to lie so great that even Obama was left stumped and speechless.

To the right, our affliates at the Washington Post caught Paul Ryan cleaning already cleaned dishes, after volunteers had already fed and cleaned pots used to serve those needing aide in the community.  What’s cute is Ryan even took time to put on a fresly starched apron to make it seem he was really serving the community.