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Photo of ‘Two Gay Black Fathers Doing Daughter’s Hair’ Has Social Media Up in Storm

Neanderthals still walk among us, and somehow, they have created profiles on the most prolific social media sites and complain about beautiful pictures of families.  A firestorm of controversy arose after the following photograph, showing two fathers who just so happen to be gay, black men, was uploaded on Instagram.

Oh, the humanity, the fathers are posing and doing their daughter’s hair.

Huffington Post identifies the men as Kordale and Kaleb.  The two loving dads regularly post updates on their adventures of life and have a strong following on various social media.  The image above caught the attention of all the anti-progressive, keyboard smashing folk who just cannot live in a world ruled by equality and love.  Instead, the backlash to the photograph above was nothing short of disgusting, as you can see in this archive of  quite shocking and just downright mean Twitter responses.

The day has already come where many people, if not the majority, can see these images and videos and think nothing but ‘what a beautiful family’.  For all the naysayers, to borrow a term from pop-culture, ‘haters gonna hate’.