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Here Is The Picture, That Will Make You BELIEVE In God



My Dear Flock and Unsaved World,

Behold, the Hand of God.   For those of you blessed with sight, your special spiritual man inside has just experienced awe and wonder.  Some of you will feel skeptical inside, a voice telling you that this is not the Hand of God you are viewing.  Keep this truth in mind:  that is just Satan, whispering in the ear of your spiritual man.  He is trying to keep you from your eternal gift of life in Heaven.

[adsense]Today at my church, I showed the image above to my congregation.  I asked every member of my church to bring a non-believer with them.  In the crowd, there were our atheist friends, our agnostic friends and our friends who believe in fallacious notions such as evolution and universal healthcare.

These misguided souls are in desperate need of Christ.  Their spiritual man starves, but Satan blinds their senses to find the spiritual manna that is oh so abundant for them.  But after I showed this image to them, a miracle.  I wept.  I heard angels weeping too.

Today, my friends, after seeing this Hand of God today, over 33 people came to Christ.  When I called for those who weren’t saved, those who had rejected the lessons of Christ and Republican morality, to shed their liberal cloak of a life marinated in debauchery and disbelief, they arose.

You see, today I went beyond faith, I showed them this glimpse of the universal creator, a force so powerful that even the scientists as NASA confessed that this is truly The Hand of God.

My video ministry is uploading footage of people converting to Christianity after seeing this hard evidence of God.  This is just a look at his hand, seemingly grabbing some sort of celestial gasses.  Just imagine the day we are all in Heaven, bowing before him and shielding our eyes from the light of His eternal glory.  Glory!

Please, send this image to any of your friends who are not believers.  Their hearts will be softened and they will convert.

With a Heart of Joy Today,

Pastor Haywood B. Bynum, III