Pink Fire Trucks Visit, Inspire Community Action for Women and Children

Jen Thomas
• TopekasNews
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When most people think of fire trucks, they think of a red engine containing tough, burly men who will give their all to save lives. And in most cases, this is true. But there is one unique firetruck that’s making its way through the continental United States, all in efforts to save and improve lives in a new way.

The Pink Fire Truck is the product of a Phoenix based organization named Pink Heals, founded by firefighter Dave Graybill. Though the firetruck has ties with increasing breast cancer awareness, in an interview with CJ Online Graybill reveals, “‘It’s based on a woman and what she means to us, and not on her illness.’”

Increasing community efforts to fundraise to support businesses and charities that support women and children is crucial. By doing this, a localized community can greatly empower and improve the day-to-day lives of women and children, which is a noble goal every community should be striving to do. And every community should recognize that to some degree, they have the power to do so.

More information on the national program is available from the Pink Heals fire trucks website.

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