Police Warning Families To Remove Stick Family Decals From Their Cars


[adsense]Sticker decals on the back of SUVS and minivans have become the new mark of suburban success.  Now police are warning proud moms and dads that the stick-figure families on their car could be a great danger.

Police warn the decals are advertising your family’s demographic makeup to thieves and criminals.  Let’s say you park your SUV at the mall to do some shopping.  A predator could lurk in the parking lot, knowing that the family of the vehicle is comprised of Dad, Mom, three daughters and a dog.  If mom is out with daughters, the predator may follow your car home and if he sees there is no ‘dad’ home, and start planning an attack.


When coupled with other decals, such as work parking permits and Honor Student decals, criminals can start to figure out your entire family’s schedule.  If they like the makeup of your family, they can simply follow you home, do a ‘search’ of your home address, and find the your family’s name through county records.  At this point, you are victims unaware that you are being profiled and targeted for heinous crimes unknown.