Pope Fires Bishop of Bling for Abusing Funds, Converts Archbishop’s $40 Million Mansion to Soup Kitchen

David A Hearst II
• TopekasNews
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Pope Francis continues to carry out modern day miracles.  This time the highly unusual Pope, who has made the Vatican nearly faint by doing things like mingling with the public as if he were just another guy kicked everything up a notch by firing one of his Archbishops.

Word got to the pope that the Archbishop recently upgraded his already $40 million dollar mansion with over $30 million dollars in upgrades.  Pope Francis immediately took back his strong hand and smacked the archbishop right out of his golden ember diocese and into the land of reality.  Francis wanted to make it clear, the entire modesty thing will be followed.

The Bishop of Bling, from Germany, is currently ‘recuperating’ and will have to prove he is capable of following the rules of The Church before the Pope will let him back into any sort of position.

While the Catholic Church has faced heat over the last few decades, it is refreshing to see a Pope who behaves like Francis.  He is known for staying in modest rooms when he travels, blatantly going into crowds and having a major, natural air of humility.  Being a person of faith or not, it is good to see a man in his position actually following some sort of cardinal rules of conduct.


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