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Pope Francis Named Time Magazine Person of the Year


Criticizing the greed of capitalism, busting the chops of a greedy priest, embracing the sick and the poor and sneaking out at nights dressed as a pauper to live as the poor, giving them guidance and aide, defines the actions of the newest pope — Pope Francis — over the last year.

Being so socially progressive that Fox News detests him, comparing him to Obama, it would seem Pope Francis is definitely living a life like the true Christ would have wanted all his followers to live: ¬†compassionate, charitable, not-greedy and loving. ¬†Pope Francis is a stand-up guy and the honor of receiving Time Magazine’s Person of the Year almost seems to little of recognition for a person whose brought a much-needed dose of humility into leadership in the modern world.

Whatever the case, keep up the great work, Pope Francis!  Even as an atheist, I respect this guy very much.