2016 All Stars: Allen West

Ezekiel Asch
• TopekasNews
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In all my years covering politics, I can honestly say with firm conviction that there have been only a few members of Congress (Clowngress) with the strength, courage, and virility of Lieutenant Colonel and former Congressman Allen West. Few in the Conservative U-Verse can strike fear into the hearts and minds of liberals the Colonel West can. He is, upon close examination, the embodiment of everything the Neo-Marxists hates. As a successful black man presumably rising out of poverty and through the ranks of one our most sacred institutions, Colonel West has taught us that practically anything is possible. He is the scorn of the left wing establishment, a radical advocate for unequivocal Freedom and Liberty struggling to dismantle the various social programs and entitlements which had so tragically enslaved his brethren. And while the talking heads on MSNBC may disparagingly refer to him as “that conservative black guy”, those of us who have followed know Mr. West know that he is far more than that.

At a standing height of 6 feet 7 inches, Congressman West comes off as polished and articulate. West is never afraid to speak his mind, and when he gets going, you best buckle in! It was Congressman West who famously declared on the steps of the Capital Building, “I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.” An astute analyst of both political and social theory, Colonel West realized (months before even the RNC or the Followers of Reagan), that the infectious spread of liberalism, particularly through procreation of undesirables, has led to a crisis in democracy and a collapse of Democratic institutions. Indeed, Colonel West himself was swept out in last year’s election, which saw an unprecedented amount of voter fraud primarily due to the proliferation of illegal immigrants casting their ballots under the guise of “Hispanic voters.” Even this, however, could not stop the inertia of the immovable object that is Allen West. No longer bound by obligation to his constituents in Florida, Colonel West has become a Free agent of the Conservative Movement, and even, perhaps, the heir to the Reagan Dynasty…

If elected in 2016, Allen West would be America’s First Black President (I do invite all those reading to remember that the Usurper sitting in the Oval Office, by his own admittance is only Half). Electing West would have a tremendous healing effect all across the nation, particularly the part which has been repeatedly called “racist” over the past five years. It would not be an easy task, as large swaths of the nation still hold contempt for black conservatives, and figures such as Four Star General and Turncoat Colin Powell and Pro-Choice woman Condoleezza Rice have not made things any easier for this oppressed demographic. Congressman West has stood the test of time as an enduring figure of hope throughout the Obama regime. His personal story of unbridled triumph has inspired millions to take arms against the Federal Government (should they attempt to limit freedom*). And when it comes to the Presidency, I’d take a straight-shooting, down-to-earth, Representative of the REAL American people over some left wing ideologue political puppet any day of the week.


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