Putin Ends NATO Missle Pact, Warns E.U. To ‘Prepare For War’



Russia launches full-scale ground invasion of neighboring states, demands EU ‘prepare for total war’.

Moscow, Russia (EU Times) – A militant Vladimir Putin stood before his military commanders early Saturday, announcing that Russia has ended its compliance with the NATO missile pact and warning the world to ‘prepare for war’.

Calls from frenzied European leaders went unanswered by the Kremlin, with only a generic message being available:  “diplomacy is no more, prepare for war’.

Reports from the EU Times express a very bad diplomatic situation.   Russia is shutting down extensive communication with European nations and is restricting travel for European diplomats within the nation.  Russia has steadily recaptured broken away provinces, with a most infamously Russian military ground assault in the renegade state of Georgia causing massive devastation to the local populace.


Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown demanded Putin stop his invasion and call his army out of Georgia, but the Russian leader remained defiant and warned ‘any further interference from the United Kingdom or her allies will result in the same for you.’

Now with a show of power at today’s Red Square festival, Putin stopped short of redeclaring a new ‘Cold War’ upon the EU and even the United States.

News of Russia’s growing military ambitions come only days after Chinese state-run media broadcast a television series, detailing how easily China could ‘destroy each and every American city with nuclear weapons.

NATO officials have not yet responded to numerous questions detailing what actions will be taken vis-a-vis the UN to curtail Russia’s recent actions.

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