Real-Life Anime Girl Anastasiya Shpagina Shocks The World with Unique Looks (Photos)

There is dressing up for cosplay, then there is being Anatasiya Shpagina. She puts every person to shame with the devotion she’s shown in becoming the real-life anime girl.  Eyes big and wide like glass, unique nose looking like it was crafted by an expert from Sy-Fy’s Faceoff, you’d think this purple-haired girl was a robotic model at a Japanese anime convention.  Her waist is miniature, like a Minoan and she will pout, squeel and become animated in a heartbeat, should the mood strike her.  She is truly a living anime character.

Living cartoon: Anastasiya Shpagina, 19, takes inspiration from Japanese animeLiving anime: Anastasiya Shpagina, 19 from the Ukraine, has devoted her life to becoming a real life anime girl.

Doll-like proportions: The diminutive teenager's 'flower fairy' make-up tutorial has been watched more than 150,000 times on YouTube

19-year-old anime sensation Anastasiya Shpagina has caused a viral uproar from anime fans who are shocked at how lifelike her tiny frame looks when they meet-her.

Anime-inspired: Shpagina is said to spent 30 minutes applying make-up to each of her eyes in her efforts to perfect her anime-inspired lookShpagina spends 30 minutes per day on her makeup, then prances around taking pictures and attracting crowds of people where she may go.

Fans: The teenager has more than 10,000 fans on Facebook 

'Flower fairy': Shpagina sports a pair of fairy wings as she poses with a more natural-looking girlShpagina poses with a friend as she shows off her ‘fairy anime’ look.

Before she became the real-life anime girl, Shpagina made a living by posting fashion tutorials, as seen below.  Her large, striking eyes are one natural feature that she’s always maintained.

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