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Republican Commenator: “Gay Agenda Now Plaguing The NFL”


This is an excerpt from a local sports broadcast covering Michael Sam’s recent drafting into the NFL.  It is so sad that people cannot accept diversity here.  Here is the transcript of the commentary:

“The gay agenda has finally claimed America’s most sacred past time.  Yes, my friends, the NFL is the new sponsor of homosexuality.

The backstory here started with the NFL draft.  TV executives bribed fathers and sons nationwide to sit back with ice old sodas and potato chips, watching to see the order in which this year’s talented rookie class would go and shape the coming football season.

For decades now, football has been a sport all about bulging, monstrous beasts of men throwing their meaty, toned bodies at one another, drenched sweat making their uniforms cling to their hard earned muscles as they grunt and tackle each other to the ground in a pile of tensed thighs and rushing adrenaline.

This great game has been quite a thrilling festival for the eyes and emotions for me, and I know millions of others feel the very same way.  But look what we have above . Gasp.  A man kissing a man!

If this where a soccer draft or even a rugby draft, I would not be so shocked.  We all know those sports are more feminine and do not require the level of raw masculinity demanded by playing professional NFL football.

The St. Louis Rams are ramming their agenda right into the morality of America.   In a city that was named for a saint, we can see the homo-gay agenda is now accepted among its strongest residents.”