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Russia Shoots Down Malaysian Airliner Over Ukraine, 23 Americans and 295 Other Passengers Dead

russia kills 23 americans

Another Malaysian airliner became lost over Ukraine and mistaking it for a warplane, the Russia shot it down. 23 Americans have their body parts scattered all over the Ukraine.    295 lives lost total.

I hate to bring politics into this, but it is all Obama’s fault. If Obama would have kept an iron reign on Putin and let him know that Russia grovels before the might of America, there would be no tension on the Ukraine/Russian border.

But now, and do not let those commie reds say it ain’t so, but now we have 23 Americans murdered! Look at the destruction caused by Soviet rockets!

. It remains unclear if America will declare war on Russia for attacking our UN ally.

This was an intentional act. The plane was flying at over 33,000 feet. Ukraine can hardly afford potato guns, let alone weapons sophisticated enough to shoot down a moving Boeing 777 at that altitude.

That just leaves the only nation despicable and blood-thirsty to shoot first and ask questions later in that region: the Russia.

And Malaysia is a poor country. If you fly their airlines, you have to expect that they may lose track of it every once in a while. There is no excuse on this Earth to shoot down a civilian plane and there is proof that while the Russians were busy shooting down the Boeing, they also shot down a Ukrainian jet who was going to fly up and escort the wayward airliner.

Putin must be brought before the world court and we must have no mercy upon Russia. If Obama is a true American, he will declare war on Russia before the day is nigh!