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Scientists Discover “Everyone’s A Little Gay”




Researchers at Harvard discover every person on Earth is a genetically capable homosexual at birth.  The shocking new findings will be published in Biogenetics and already has conservative groups up in arms.

[adsense]Boston, Massachusetts – Everyone is gay.  At least a little bit.  A new study reveals that homosexuality is an innate part of the human genome and that there are even men walking around out there, who are actually women.


3/5 husbands have secret homosexual desires. New studies show these cravings for the same gender are actually normal.

“It mainly comes down to the SRY gene, androgen and a few other factors,” reveals researcher, Dr. Emil Hamilton.  “At this very moment, there are men out there who are actually women.  And vice-versa, there are women out there who are actually XY males.”

Hamilton continues, “The first thing to understand is being XX or XY has nothing to do with who you may want as a partner.”


An XY human who is born without androgen receptors will actually develop physically into a female.  She can have desires for both male or female, or both, and technically, genetically speaking, actually be a male.  The same goes for XX born humans who have an Sry factor attached to an X chromosome.  With a high enough hormonal level, the XX will develop into a male, physically.

And in all of this swapping of genes and genders, the desire for male or females is entirely innate.

The researchers went on to use the countless, rampant examples of homosexuality that takes place in the animal kingdom as further proof that homosexuality is not really ‘just a choice’.

If the research is true, then the public needs to forgive all the good, decent Republicans who were simply acting out on their body’s impulses by sleeping with other men.  If it is natural and then there is a huge social stigma to hide it all away, then that is just horrible for all those decent, good Republican family men out there who should be forgiven.