Seahawks Rigged Super Bowl XLVIII, Chris Christie Scheme Under Investigation By NFL

Governor of New Jersey at a town hall in Hills...

Fiery new details show complex political scheming and New Jersey partisan politics to blame for Denver Broncos’ humiliating loss to Seattle Seahawks.

East Rutherford, New Jersey – New allegations that the Seattle Seahawks rigged Super Bowl XLVIII implicate none other than New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as a ‘key player’ in the Denver Broncos’ humiliating defeat.

Unbeknownst to a shocked Peyton Manning, many of his ‘role-playing’ teammates likely accepted a large kickback from the Seattle Seahawks and the state of Washington.  On his first cry of ‘Omaha!’ at the start of the Super Bowl, the world watched as Peyton Manning could not fathom why his trusted center would hike the ball clear into the endzone.

Now NFL officials are investigating the Seahawks’ ploy to win the Super Bowl before it even began.

Sources in New Jersey also state Governor Chris Christie, who is purportedly running from United States President in 2016, encouraged various players on the Broncos club to ‘play sloppy’ with promises of giving them presidential favor should he win office.  Sources indicate that Christie was promised ‘precinct victories’ in Washington state should he help scheme and cover-up the Broncos Super Bowl antics.

Hustler Sports Network (HSN) gives live accounts of this shocking story.  With so many players on the team playing for Christie and the Seahawks, it is no wonder why Peyton Manning stood gloss-eyed and bewildered the entire game.  The entire nation thought something was amiss and the NFL investigation into the scheming and backroom deals that are so typical of New Jersey will likely prove what we knew all along:  there is no way the Broncos could possibly lose 43-8 in such horrible, pathetic fashion.

If any players on either team are found guilty, Hustler Sports reports that the NFL can impose heavy fines.  If Chris Christie can be tied to the lush deals the players agreed upon, it would further jeopardize his once promising campaign to win GOP presidential candidate in 2016.