Shark Busts Out of Tank, Terrorizes 1000s of Shoppers in Chinese Mall

Emersyn Wachovia Watson
• TopekasNews
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Shark Tank Breaks ChinaShanghai, China – Thousands of mall-goers in China are still trembling in fear after a shark tank break at the shopping area.

When the shark tank first exploded, shards of 25 centimeter thick glass burst into the air at alarming rate, smashing into the flailing arms and bodies of fleeing bystanders.  When the initial explosion of tank took place, seven workers and eight shoppers were caught in the carnage.  Their ravaged bodies serving as bait for the escaped sharks, they could only hope to struggle and get away on the slippery, wet grounds of the bizarre accident.

China issued a state of emergency for its Shanghai Orient Shopping Center.  Local reports cited many people sustained ‘deep cuts and bruises’ following the tank collapse.

Researchers dispatched to the scene think that low temperatures and poorly made glass contributed to the explosion.  Three lemon sharks that spilled from the tank did not eat shoppers, but sadly did die quickly after being exposed to the outside elements.  Sources all cite that several species of fish and turtle spilled from teh standard mall tank.  The tank was over 33-tons.




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