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Shocking The World, Leonardo DiCaprio Fails To Win Oscar Yet Again

dicaprio shocked no oscar
dicaprio shocked no oscar Beverly Hills, California –  A shocked Leonardo DiCaprio was caught at the Whisky-a-Go-Go on Sunset Blvd, sipping down Mojitos and listening to a Coldplay cover-band as he drowned away his sorrows.

Paparazzi on scene described DiCaprio as ‘stoic, unmoved and just glassy eyed, sort of like when he realized Rose would actually let him go in Titanic’.  

DiCaprio was favored to win a nod for his portrayal of famed F. Scott Fitzgerald’s titular character Gatsby, but failed to win the best actor award.

[adsense]Sources close to DiCaprio said that the actor went as far as preparing an acceptance speech this year and inviting everyone to his totally unique Great Gatsby Victory Party.  Several hecklers outside the Whisky music club were heard chanting “Dicraprio, Dicraprio”.  Among that throng of fans was a man who looked ‘suspiciously similar’ to George Clooney.