Should America Make a Mexican Israel in Iran?

mexican israel

Here is the solution to America’s immigration crisis:  it is really quite simple. For my dear friends and readers not in the know, there is a little “country” in the Middle East called Iran.  Much like Palestine, they are not really a true, recognized country, but rather an unclaimed land of indigenous people who deliberately disobey America and cause all sorts of grief and chaos.

[adsense]As you read this report, there are hundreds of thousands of Mexican families, just longing for a new country to call home.  Their old land has become cruel and dangerous, no longer able to provide them with the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of money.

There are good men (e.g., Governor Rick Perry, Jesus, Sean Hannity, Sheriff Joe) shedding tears for these people, just wishing there was a way we can help them without having to let them into our country.  Well, I think it is time we start to play geopolitical hardball, much like we did during World War II. Let’s get into the meat of this plan:

Scores of Mexicans are trying to sneak into America to work hard and earn money, but under the rule of Obama America simply has no jobs and homes for all these people.  We must look to other lands up-for-grab and job opportunities to give these deserving, American-values people a great land to cultivate and use to our mutual advantage.

Problem:  Modern Day Iran

1)  Currently run/operated by a tribe of people called The Native Iranians.  There are not that many of them, but yet they have caused so much trouble (i.e., cooking up nuclear cake, hometown of many terrorists, relentless meddling in America’s territory of Iraq, squatting on oil and causing chaos for pricing of oil futures).

Solution:  Invade Iran, Give new land to Mexican immigrants, Rename the nation Mexican-Israel (Mexrael)

The entire problem with Iran right now are the warlike chieftains and their followers there.  The current Iranians are just simply not in league with American values.  There are a large group of people with Judeo-Christian values right now who are in Exodus (Mexicans), seeking a new land from where they can thrive and live in peace, bringing the world joy, leadership and culture.

The parallels between the opportunity we have now, and the opportunity we had in post-World War II Middle East are striking. Back then, there were a stubborn people named the Palestinians.  I’m told that the Palestinians are actually the old Phillistines of the Bible, the very people who did strange genetic experiments and produced giant 9 feet 6 inches tall men like Goliath who would go to war against destined children with slingshots.

Since the times of King David’s youth, it seems those people just did not have pro-America values and in 1949 we finally did something about it by establishing Israel and handing over the management of “Palestine” to a more able and friendly people.

And look at what we have today:  it is working .

There are little skirmishes from here or there, but for the most part, Israel is thriving, a great ally and the region is that much more secure.  Why can’t we reproduce this success story in modern-day Iran? Since the name New Mexico is already taken, I think Mexican-Israel or Mexrael for short is perfect.

It is inspirational and sets a goal not only for the nation, but for America as well.  In this nation, any Mexican family who wants to immigrate to America can simply go to Mexrael instead and receive the following: 1)  2 acres of land 2) jobs in the construction and founding of the new country 3) citizenship and rights in the nation 4) America will move them there for free American and allied businesses are free to open up shop in the nation and to start things off, we would set up a puppet government that is ran by advisers from America and Israel.

Only when the Mexraelians are established and feel in control, shall we hand over the reigns unto them in their first Democrat election.  The political party that we pick to win that election will be given highly advanced military arms, nuclear secrets, billions of dollars of aide every year and a ‘carte-blanc’ to play if they every roughhouse their jealous neighbors and Native Iranians a little too much. Sure, the UN will get fussy over the mess but again, who is going to argue against America?

The UN used to fuss over the whole Israel-Palestine thing, but today they just largely let things be.  The same will be true in Mexrael-Iran.