Should Obama Be Forced to Resign Over Beyonce Lip-Syncing Scandal? Beyoncegate

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Obama whispers steamy notes into Beyonce’s ears moments before she disrespects America by lip-synching the National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration.

Beyoncegate scandal turns up political pressure on Obama, politicos invoke potential resignation. Barack Hussein Obama’s liberal disrespect for America has gone too far.  It is now that he must resign from office because he plotted to cover-up one of the biggest scandals of 2013:  Beyonce lip-synced America’s National Anthem at the presidential inauguration.

Many of my colleagues try to say I am being too harst, but millions of other Americans agree with me and are upset by Beyonce’s grand act of treason.  Yes, this is treason.

During a time of war and when our nation needs inspiration, it is an attack on American pride, spirit and patriotism to learn that the National Anthem did not Christen the inauguration of a sitting US president.  Beyonce’s scandal would be like learning President Obama did not use Lincoln’s Bible to be sworn in.  Instead, he used a Wiccan spell-book or drivel penned by Sir Richard Dawkins, only wrapped in a Biblical leather cover to deceive every one of us.

By now we should know Obama is a veil wolf in sheep’s skin.  He plays the part of reasonable man of passion and logic well, but beneath he is a cold, calculating and fiery politician of liberal bent.  He does not like the true direction and purpose of America.  He does not like us being a divinely ordained superpower with a global mandate to bring democracy and freedom to the world.

Obama wants America weak, under the rule of an aristocracy without a moral guideline or code.  Some people claim the man is Muslim or such, he is not that as much as he is truly Christian.  Instead, he is simply a man who wants more power and has no respect for the American people.

The hands-on action and kissing passion between Michelle Obama and Beyonce have left many wondering what happened between the two when they ‘slipped off for hours’ the night before.

Beyonce knew she was going to lip-sync the National Anthem, the day before she arrived on stage to ‘sing’ for all of us.  According to White House insider reports, Beyonce was up late drinking, partying with Lady Gaga and ‘slipping off’ with Michelle Obama inside the White House’s massive party rooms.  Interns and celebrity alike drinked it up and went off to fulfill their carnal desires when the witching hour was well past.The following day, Beyonce looked hung-over and exhausted.  At some point during the night, Beyonce and Obama agreed that she would go in front of 350 million Americans and the rest of the world, and instead of performing the National Anthem live as per tradition dictated by our national dogma, instead singing some pre-recorded nonsense that is offensive to musicians and every single American.

If Whitney Houston were still alive or Aretha Franklin had the health to sing again, we would not have seen this nonsense.  Even the late Michael Jackson would have done whatever it took to get on stage and give his best performance of a lifetime.  American musicians of old would know and understand the importance of a live performance at the most important singing event, right up there with the Super Bowl’s anthem.  No once wants to be Sinead O’Connor.

But Beyonce and Obama represent a new breed of American.  These are liberal children of honor and priviledge who do not understand America’s true logos, ethos and pathos.  Obama thinks everyone can sit in welfare homes, pop out babies and live off ‘the rich’, the rich being the middle class Americans who bust their behinds on 9 – 5 jobs or night shifts to make ends meet for their family.

Obama believes in ‘leeching off the working, to give to the poor’.  He is a demagogue who wants a ruling class of snobs who galavant the world, attending Great Gatsby parties with their friends while moral civilization goes to the wayside.  This incursion may seem small to himself and these new money celebrities that he employs as friends, but for the American Establishment, this is literally an act of treason.

Obama looks on with pride as Beyonce commits an act of treason by deceiving America. Beyoncegate is the biggest scandal of 2013 and we must hold Obama and Beyonce accountable.

Obama, Beyonce and most likely Jay-Z have to be held accountable. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying this is some scandal on par with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. It is not. But at the very least, Beyonce should be put under oath and forced to confess she lip-synced the national anthem. She and Jay-Z should be forced to pay a fine and do community service at the very least, and at most be forced to give back every cent they have earned from America before being exiled to the European country of their choice.

As for Obama, it would do no good to put him under oath. We learned enough what Democrats do under oath after Bill Clinton cigarred his intern, cheated on his wife and lied to America about it. Obama will just keep trying to cover this up, like he did Benghazi. We caught him in the act, so we should punish him by letting him resign or if he fights, go ahead and impeach him.


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