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Strong Winds Force 18-Wheeler To Nearly Roll On Top of Car. See What God Does Next..

[adsense]Oslo, Norway – The power of God has been put on display in Norway.  A strong gale force wind of nature rips through the frigid Norwegian air, overpowering a mighty semi and forcing it to fall atop a car.  The laws of physic dictates that this large truck should have rolled over and smashed the tiny approaching car.

But the power of God prevented such a fate.  In the following video, just like when Christ order a stormy sea to become calm, we can see this truck is lifted upright by a Holy command from on high.  A guardian angel at least was looking out for this driver and it is videos like this which prove the validity of faith.

Over the last few weeks, many of my colleagues here at Topeka’s News have heavily criticized my faith based reporting an op-ed pieces, calling me a ‘sensationalized yellow journalist’, whatever that is supposed to mean. I just prefer to shoot the facts from the hips and provide a nice, conservative bent to an otherwise radical and fair to liberal-biased publication. More balance is needed in media and beautiful stories such as this today prove exactly why faith is fact, and miraculous.