Study: Americans Clicked on Miley Cyrus Stories Twelve Times More Than Syria Stories

Kayleigh Tatum
• TopekasNews
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Watch a video of Miley Cyrus twerking versus Decide if to commit US armed forces to bomb a regime accused of using chemical warfare on its citizens, the actions of which could throw the world into World War III and destruction unknown.

When faced with the decision of what to watch, Americans were twelve times more interested in seeing Miley wear spandex underwear as she rubbed herself all over Robin Thicke.

Even though reputable news sources are reporting more news about Miley Cyrus than Syria, the NY Mag reports Miley is simply dominating search trends.  And after she takes to the season opener of Saturday Night Life, where we can expect her to twerk-a-lot and generate even more media interest.

 While Beetlejuice and Miley were busy showing how bad the entertainment industry is these days, Obama was exchanging verbal blows with Putin and seeking to bomb Syria, following a chemical attack that left over 1,300 people dead.  After both events, Miley Cyrus captured a whopping 12 percent of all internet traffic in the US.  Stories about Syria did not even amount to one percent of internet interest for the day.



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