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Study: Online Gays Grooming Husbands For Homosexual Encounters, 40% Success Rate

40% of hetero-husbands have been groomed and seduced by online gays.

40% of hetero-husbands have been groomed and seduced by online gays.

As I perused the internet in my duties as cultural protector, I came across a very interesting thread on internet website  The commentators on the site were discussing their favorite ways to ‘seduce’ married men from normal nuclear families.

Reading this thread was like reading Vladimir Putin’s 2014 manual for a hostile world takeover.  The secrets were nuclear in their explosive sneakiness and devastation wrought upon families of the victimized heterosexual husbands.


There is a ‘preying’ technique the gays on the thread revealed.  It is called ‘LURKING’.  What they do is friend your husband on social media sites like Facebook, Grindr, and Twitter, pretending to be an old friend from high school or someone who admires pictures of his hobbies (perhaps the restored old car, perhaps his fondness for landscape photography).

[adsense]Gay men are very cerebral and resourceful, so beware as it is easy for them to get the inside scoop of your husband by just ‘lurking’ and observing his actions.  The most common lurker is actually one of your male best friends, wives, patiently waiting for your husband to express interest in a random hobby, then secretly contacting him to support his interest and slowly lure him into a homosexual encounter.

Over time, husbands fall prey to these lurkers, who have made an acronym for their little game:  Luring Untouched Rears for Karma from Imgur’s New Game.   After luring your husband, the lurkers will take pictures of the seduction and then post them to Reddit’s Imgur site to rake in Karma points and receive pieces of gold.

A good friend of mine lost his wife about ten years ago.  After much convincing, he finally went back onto the dating scene and has been using to find a new mate that God will eventually introduce him.  But now he has to take great care, because the person he is meeting online, sharing juicy details about his life, heart and soul, may be a lurker dancing the fandango and grooming him for a homosexual encounter.

When they meet for the first date, the big reveal will be that he’s fallen in love, online, with a man?  How confusing would that be, to find out you fell in love with someone from the same gender, just based on their conversation, humor and details of their life over time.

Husbands need a safe place to have online social lives and now that there is more temptation for homosexuality on internet, only time will tell the true effects.