Study: Women Gaining Weight Because Less House Work

Mike Goldberg
• TopekasNews
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The modern woman has grown quite lazy in the home, and thus, she has grown quite strong of belly girth.  Today’s woman is not lean and svelte like the idealistic June Cleaver of yesteryear, her slim and elegant figure always wooing Ward from underneath her neatly starched apron.

The strong, able-bodied woman of the past is now evolved into the thundering thighed career-debeasts that we see in this modern world.  They walk loud and their heels clop on the floors of office buildings all day, their overbearing figures and attention to developing ‘affairs’ in the workplace taking away from quality time they could be spending with their husbands and kids at home.

Things used to be good in the American home.  Kids would come home from school, knowing the loving arms of mother would be awaiting.  Mom would have spent all day burning calories, shopping at the local grocery, doing everyone’s laundry and preparing the main meal, ensuring that she herself would have better cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone.  Kids maintained fitness as well, because all they consumed were healthy meals prepared with a mother’s watchful love.

Now, we see food courts at the mall, kids running around with Taco Bell held by Cheetos-stained fingers in one hand, baggy pants hanging from their rear and soon-to-be pregnant girl hanging from the free arm.  Mothers no longer have the siren call of ‘Be home after school’ because mother is not home herself.  She’s out drinking pints of lager with her ‘work friends’ to ‘unwind’ after a day.

And how does that leave America’s fathers:  the backbone of America?  Deep down, every man knows his wife will be tempted with affairs.  How long will she resist and stay loyal?  It always starts with a few times of going to have a drink ‘with the office’ and then, she’s knocked up with a baby that is a Maury Povich candidate.  And that’s where we are today, my friends.

We are in a society where women have forgotten the core of nature.  As people who respect nature, we must remember its fundamental laws.  Women are equipped with the natural ability to grow a child within, and then feed and nurture it when it is time.  That implies a truth:  a woman is the backbone of the family.

women gaining weight

And when a woman is out-of-place, wildly spreading her loins, not nurturing her family and ensuring her husband’s peace of mind, her family is in disarray.  And she, herself, will find her body thrown out of a healthy cycle.

Women of today struggle to do pilates, yoga, crash diets and more, all a battle they will inevitably lose, because they want to forsake a fundamental law of nature:  women are meant to be mothers.  No matter how anyone tries to spin it, one non-clad peek in the mirror will remind a woman of this fundamental truth.

And until women can start to respect nature again, taking time to make sure their family feels loved, that she is not betraying her duty and promise to her husband, and realizing that there is no greater joy than taking care of your family, as nature intended, then she should expect to become fat with guilt, affair pregnancies, problems with her kids and discomfort with her husband.

Women, if you betray your family, your life will only become bloated with problems.  So today I give this gentle advice:  in your efforts to be the modern woman, do not forget your past.



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