Super Bowl Power Outage, Beyonce To Blame

• TopekasNews
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Hello Viewers,

As we have all heard by now there has been a dramatic Super Bowl Power Outage at the beginning of the second half.

Beyoncé’s brilliant and way-over-the-top halftime show wowed fans of both the game and her distinct audience. Commentators and New Orleans staff at the Super Bowl have ruled that Miss Beyoncé is responsible for the Super Bowl Power Outage.

The players, coaches, fans, and towel boys like are disgruntled at the sudden and unpredictable Super Bowl Power Outage. Power has been slowly returning to the mighty New Orleans stadium.


The refs have determined that the power has been returned within the thirty minute delay from Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Power Outage which seemed more like marketing rather than talent. The Super Bowl has continued picking up where the teams have left off.


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