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Terrifying Proof Obama Is Not A Christian

proof obama is not a christian
proof obama is not a christian

[adsense]Famed Archatheist and evolution apologist Neil DeGrasse Tyson posted this very terrifying selfie picture, showing himself and the duplicitous Bill Nye the Science Guy being quite too cozy with Barack Obama.

Tyson and Nye are among the world’s foremost superscientists of media, spouting off insane theories as fact and destroying America’s need for creationism to be taught in public schools. For years, these two have held tremendous sway in America under Obama’s rule, using his sympathy toward their goal of destroying free thought and the truth of mankind’s origins (found in the book of Genesis).

Obama has repeatedly denied allegations that he is not a Christian but instead a veiled ‘evolutionist’, but now we see the proof that he is best friends with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Bill Nye literally believes the moon is not a light in the sky, as described in the Bible. If that was not insane enough, Bill Nye also believes tides are not a supernatural force and that the Bible is not an infallible source of truth and understanding for how life started on Earth.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson believes that creationism has no part in the scientific classroom of America’s youth. And now we can see Barack Obama is buddy-buddy with these people. How scary is that?