Texans Tricked Into Thinking Mirror is Actually an Ipad, Pay $200 For It

Emersyn Wachovia Watson
• TopekasNews
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The same state that houses our dear former president George W. Bush and actually threatens to have his nephew George P. Bush taking office soon is giving us even more entertainment. Seriously, the only state more fubar’d beyond Texas would be Florida.

Digressing from the most-backward state issue, somehow people in Texas were actually bamboozled and tricked into believing that a mirror, yes, the pretty shiny object that allows you to see your reflection, was actually an iPad. If that is not bad enough, the people who purchased said item did so for the tune of $200.

Can we really trust people who cannot tell what a real iPad and fake iPad should look and feel like, to the point that they are coughing up $200, to vote for the correct presidential choice? While you chew on that question, please feel free to watch the video, share it and laugh some more.


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