The Moment Man Refuses To Share Ice Cream with Girlfriend at NBA Game

Horaclio Sanchez-Gonsalves
• TopekasNews
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They say armies can be moved just by the gaze of a woman.  And if the countenances in this screen capture from a recent basketball game are telling any stories, it’s that someone is going to need that hearty beard to weather a cold, lonely night sleeping on the couch.

On #Fannight, cameras caught a devoted fan refusing to share his chocolate peppermint ice cream with his girlfriend, who had a tiny spoon ready for ripe picking.  The expressions tell a complex story.

The Misses wants a taste of ice cream.  She has somehow managed to smuggle in a tiny spoon and goes for a tiny little scoop.  Undaunted and without losing focus, her man expects this move.  Perhaps moments earlier, he warned her to get her own ice cream, because “I’m not sharing”.  Like a confident general looking upon the field of battle, the rugged fan pulls away his delicious treat without breaking focus.

Full video analysis, as narrated by Chris Webber, show that you should never refuse sharing of ice cream with a hungry woman.  The first set of squinted eyes are like a cat giving a warning if you rub its belly one too many times.  The second time he pulls the ice cream away, she’s scratching and ready to stamp her paws while leaving her ‘scent’ all over his new Corinthian leather video game chair in protest.  Her eyes and mouth are wide open and if they do get married, she will be using this moment 20 years in the future when he has a long day and wants a little ‘down and dirty time’.  Remember when you didn’t share that ice cream….

Forward planning, our friend.  Learn to use it.  Here is the full video:


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