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The Walking Dead Season 3 Is The TV Series About If Obama Wins The 2012 Elections

[quote]When there is no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the Earth.[/quote]

The Walking Dead is a tv series about America if Obama wins the 2012 elections.  Inspired by the great scriptures, the series powerfully shows us the life of how several Americans will drastically change should a morally bereft, Godless atheist president is allowed to reign over America and therefore the world for 8 years straight.  Contrary to what many radical leftists will tell you, the world will not be a socialist utopia or a ‘progressive paradise’ like many of my colleagues would like to envision.

Indeed, if Obama wins the 2012 elections, it will be the end of days.  The Walking Dead Season 3 will prove this fact in a piece-wise fashion with its characters and plot for this thrilling season. This primer will get you up to speed on the plot and key characters who will show the fate awaiting the world should Obama be reelected.

[box_dark]Rick Grimes: The Last True Republican on Earth

Rick Grimes represents the last remnant of law, the nuclear family, a hardworking dad who earns his own health insurance for his family and Christian-based morality in this country.[/box_dark]

Sometime in 2012, Obama unleashes an ultimate plan to win the minds of every person on Earth by making them submit to his will. From the Centers of Disease Control in Atlanta, Obama orders his scientists to release a ‘superspore’ to quickly infest all people with a virus that can overtake the mind and obey only his orders, released at a certain sound wavelength.

In the beginning of the series, we come upon two law offiers — Rick and Shane — who are trying to control the chaos of a small town outside Atlanta where Obama’s spore-based mind control backfires, as it mutates people to the point that they become mindless, flesh-thirsty beasts. Through a series of plot twists and turns available in web episodes, we find the spore quickly spreads worldwide and the lives of people are changed forever.

Within his locale, Rick becomes the symbol of hope and stability. With a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other, Rick claws his way through chaos to find his family, fight off a fiendish illegal Mexican who tried to impregnate his wife, corrupt his son and kill him, and in the midst of all these things, be the moral center for his traveling party.

Rick Grimes didn’t ask for responsibility to be placed upon him, but instead, he inherited by some divine fate.  This theme plays into the truth for America.  Even sometimes, when the people elect a leader or decide to vote for the right person, those who understand the world at a deeper level must choose who is right.  Sometimes that someone who chose may be our Divine Creator, or sometimes, it may just be the people at Diebold.

This theme speaks into the 2000 and 2004 elections, when even though George W. Bush may have technically lost the election and received less votes than his opponents, fate intervened and made sure he was still the leader of the people.  And over time, the people learned to trust his authority and the world was better for it.  In a nutshell, Rick Grimes represents President George W. Bush, the last crusader of decency and democracy, trying to save the world from a dirty Obama trick with only his guts, his guns and his faith.

[box_dark]Lori Grimes: Adultress Witch

Lori Grimes is a socialist Democrat who has cheated on her husband, Rick Grimes, and carries adultery-bred growth within her womb. She is such a poor parent, that Rick’s only begotten son has converted to atheism and no longer believes in America’s God or heaven.[/box_dark]

Lori Grimes is a brunette adultress who represents everyone who has been told the dangers of voting Obama, but will do so anyway. Lori Grimes has done many ugly things on this show and will continue to do so through season 3, but the worst offense she has done is cheat on her husband with an illegal alien and then told lies about it.

Even if such things didn’t put Rick Grimes at risk for acquiring swine flu, the fact that Lori Grimes is so rotten a woman that she was seen and heard squatting in a desolate field, moments after embracing her husband, to confirm her pregnancy by the illegal alien is quite disturbing.

Lori Grimes is a firm warning to all moral men: do not fully trust women, especially if they have a liberal bent to themselves. Liberal women, Democrats, are not decent. They do not respect traditional marriage and if they do not respect traditional marriage, what’s to stop them from cheating on you?



Due to being raised by a poor, harlot mother, Carl Grimes is without a moral compass and has become an atheist zombie, commonly wandering away from the house and having to be kept on a leash by his father.

[box_dark]Daryl Dixon: The American Man

Daryl Dixon represents the greatest of all Americans: the loyal US Military. With brave determination and selfless sacrifice, Dixon is a moral man who is the law behind Sheriff Rick’s rule.[/box_dark]

Rugged and determined, independent and loyal, Daryl Dixon will only take a knee before his God or his leader, Sherriff Rick (i.e., President George W. Bush).

Time and time again, Daryl has sacrificed himself for the good of others. Daryl is just like our armed forces: a hero, never asking anything for himself, willing to go into a zombie infested wood to search for a little girl whose mother is nothing but a hairless feminist who didn’t know how to love, trust and respect her husband’s firm-handed wisdom and law. And in return, he asks for nothing.

With every solid, squint-eyed stare Daryl gives, the audience is blanketed by the warm sensation of security that only a great soldier of the US ARMY can provide.

[box_dark]Glenn: The Assimilated Asian
Glenn represents America’s working class for this brave new century, that being, China and Japan.[/box_dark]

The Walking Dead shows the difference between Light and Dark, much like the Book of John. On the light side are all who side with Rick. On the dark, there are legions of mindless, slobbering liberals, those who ravenously attack those who espouse morality, decency and order.

Part of team light is Glenn, who represents the future Mitt Romney stands for in America. Our economic empire is on the brink of collapse, but if only we let our companies outsource jobs for cheap into the Asias, we will see they can learn our ways, make our business leaders rich again and then, the wealth will trickle back over to the American people.

Glenn represents Asians. He learned from a moral pastor who was slain by a pastor. He works hard. A farm girl fell in love with him. And he’s rabidly loyal. These are the hallmark signs all Asians will exhibit to America, should we allow Mitt Romney to extend the hand of commerce to them. They will take on our faith, our morals and our love of becoming rich.

As this season progresses, we shall also meet two new evils: The Governor and Michonne. When hearing these two names, I cannot help but think of a Rahm Emmanuel, made the governor of Illinois, and Michelle (Michonne) Obama, a dark sorceress who uses her ‘First Lady’ status to sneak into the schools of our children and ensure they are heartily infected with Obama infatuation.

The Walking Dead Season 3 will be a chronicle that mirrors America.  The third season is set in a prison, which is what we all live in with Obama in charge.  America has turned into a large Gitmo where Obama will enforce Sharia edict and discipline upon all who do not bow before him.   What choice will we make, to prevent this future? Only time will tell.