Thun Thun Thun, The New Marijuana Danger Your Kids Are Dropping At School

Nationwide, a dangerously new party marijuana named thun thun thun is gaining popularity and most alarming at all, you cannot even smell it.  It comes in pill form and packs the punch of 100 puffs of Satan’s sage.

Denver, Colorado –  Also known as ‘Lucky Denver Mint’ or ‘Magic Mint’, Thun thun thun is a deadly new form of marijuana popularized in the slopes of Aspen, Colorado and taking strong root in Denver, Colorado.  Now with nationwide distribution and renown, Thun thun thun is seen as the premier party drug among high school and college students.  And unfortunately, to date, it is the most annoying, potent and dangerously addictive form of marijuana ever known to mankind.

The drug is so popular, it is purportedly the inspiration behind a new video website named Vine.  The website is a monument to the drug, hence the name ‘vine’ can refer to how marijuana secretly grows, much like a wine plant.  Bigger than YouTube.com, Vine has videos of thun thun toking youths uploading videos of themselves doing all sorts of weird things while potentially filled with Satan’s laughing gas.

Theme song of the new mary-j movement, Thun thun thun is being dropped nationwide and is leading to lower test scores in US schools and higher unemployment rate for the 16 – 32 year-old demographic.

My investigation opened up by finding a video, by a troope of inner-city musicians calling themselves the Fanaddicts.  We can see they are throwing a nice, big house-party in a college town, perhaps where you have sent your little ‘innocent’ offspring to study.

Statistical surveys conducted by Parents for a Drug Free Society reveal that parties, such as the one we witness at right, are usually the place where drugs like ‘thun thun thun’ are consumed.

Unlike normal marijuana, thun thun thun is silent and deadly.  It is not a smoked form, but rather a pill form.  You cannot sneak into your love one’s dorm room and sniff their clothing and bedsheets, catching the scent of spent dope smoke.  It is impossible to smell the thun thun thun pills in any way, making it harder for parents and authorities to diagnose.

Drug dealers refer to this form of marijuana as MDMA:  Marijuana Derived Mindaltering Acid.  And just like acid, the pills are ‘dropped’, hence the lyrics, don’t drop that ‘thun thun thun’.  The lyricists are blatantly making a double entendre, baiting all the party goers to drop the pills and their pants.  It is just disgusting but there is a reason why last semester in the US so far, over 30% of college students have dropped out due to poor grades and pregnancy rates have increased.

A score of thun thun thun is seen here. New age marijuana addicts simply ‘drop’ one of these and get all the effects of 100 marijuana plants, condensed into one pill. It is deadly, mind-altering and addictive.

During this Thanksgiving break, take a good look at your little college scholar. Do they have dark circle under their eyes or do they look groggy when you greet the at the airport or your front door?

Do not ignore those symptoms, as those are classic tell-tell signs that your loved one has dropped some thun thun thun. Have they picked up a few pounds? Remember, one thun thun pill is the equivalent of smoking over 100 hits of marijuana. They will have a voracious appetite and sloppy appearance, probably wearing pajamas out in public and wild, long hair and unshaven faces. These are all just glaring warning signs. Remember, you cannot smell this stuff.

Also, check their Facebook. If they have friend on there, with baggy clothing and sharing video clips from Vines, then you can only make one conclusion: your college child has dropped that thun thun thun. If you have a daughter, you may also want to take her into the doctor to get checked for pregnancy and STI. Your son, a good hard talk and threats to take away your help in funding college may be the only wake-up call that works.

Don’t let your loved ones drop thun thun thun. It will ruin their lives. Beware this new trend and we shall continue to help you parents know of the latest developments and statistics associated with this new product of the devil’s botanical garden.