Tim Tebow Quitter Rumors Leaves Desperate Broncos Fans Bitter

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Sitting at only a weak 12-3, the Denver Broncos organization realizes the big mistake it made when it let go the most promising NFL quarterback since Joe Namath or young Fran Tarkenton:  Tim Tebow.

With morals as finely crafted as his impressive body, Tebow is a presence on and off the field.  The thing about being a quarterback in the NFL is that it takes ganas, as Jaime Escalante would dramatically say to a group of misfit Los Angeles teenagers who all had the potential to do calculus.  You have to have a special place in you where you can reach down to and inspire and lead, when no one else has the courage, energy or drive:  Tim Tebow has all of this, because he is not a quitter.

Focused and confident, Tim Tebow ignores bikini tempstresses on the beach to instead get in a game of off-season beach football. This is just one of the realities that proves Tebow is the most focused quarterback of all time.

Last week Tebow made it clear that he’s not happy being the oddball Luigi to Mark Sanchez or Greg McElroy’s Mario star status.  He is refusing to take part in the New York Jets’ ridiculous Wildcat formation, where all three quarterbacks may take the field and throw the ball.  Tebow is showing class and misses Denver, where he surely would have performed much better than the old, weak Peyton Manning who has lost three games. Some sports commentators are saying Tebow is a quitter and that pains this great quarterback deeply.  Much like those who passed over and insulted Michael Jordan in his high school and collegiate days, these ‘sports experts’ will come to regret their words as we induct Tebow in a future NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Tebow’s defense of himself and dislike of the Jets was eloquent.  If Denver has any decency, they will resign Tebow and let him take over his rightful kingdom again. “When people are talking about how you play football or how much, that’s one thing, it really doesn’t bother me,” he said (via Jets.com). “I think the only thing that has been disappointing for me these last few days, and frustrating, is the people saying, “Oh, you quit on the team” or “You’re not a good teammate.” I think that’s disappointing. You ask the people that I’ve played with, and I take a lot of pride in that, you ask the people that I’ve played with, my teammates, the people around me, and they know I’ll do anything for my teammates. I would go out there and play my heart out, be the first one at practice, the last one to leave, do whatever I can for my teammates.“For people to not know the situation and loathe something, then start to bash your character, and say, “You’re phony” or “You’re fake” or “You’re a hypocrite,” I think that’s what’s disappointing and that’s what’s frustrating because it’s a football game. That’s one thing, if you’re good or bad at football, but your character, your integrity, that’s who you are as a man, and that’s a lot more important. I think that’s what’s disappointing for me and frustrating because I take that way more seriously than I’ll ever take a football game.” –Tim Tebow


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