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It is Time For Iraq War III


It is time to bring freedom to Iraq yet again.  We see under the weak hand of Obama, terrorists have grown emboldened.  The Modern Xerxes Army of Iran stands yet again, ready to destroy a young democracy before it even has legs to talk.

My friends, there is no greater Father’s Day gift America can give to our Founding Fathers and our Heavenly Father than to come crashing into Iraq yet again, defending these poor people from terrorists who would rule them with Sharia law and  un-American customes.

[adsense]Like the Phoenix of ancient lore, the American Eagle does not know death.  We cannot let freedom sit below piles of rubble in Iraq.  Our great leader, George W. Bush, is a modern day Moses to the people of Iraq  He promised to take them to the land of freedom, and he did.

Now, it is time for us in the post-Bush era to make sure we protect the hen-house of freedom from conniving little foxes and their patsies (liberals) in the US government who will not defend them.  It is time for us to make sure the song of freedom is not ruined by the chaotic disco beats of terrorism.



Many years ago, the idea of America ran through the brain of a great warrior named Leonidas.  It is the same loud call that rang in the ears of  Moses, King David, William Wallace, George Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., and George W. Bush.

You see, my friends, freedom does not whisper.  It is loud and bold, obnoxious to our enemies and melodic to the ears of angels.  It strikes fear into the hearts of the wicked, and brings hope to those who would stand with us under the light of eternal salvation.

It is time to bring this freedom to Iraq and the only way we can do that is to declare another full out invasion.  Shooting a few missiles won’t cut it, Obama.

Freedom is best brought in force and there is nothing deserving of freedom more than the oil-rich people of Iraq.