Titanoboa: Monster Snake

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**Before I begin I must ask that if you have the fear of snakes or snake-like animals that you not read this article as it does contain graphic pictures of snake and/or snake-like animals.**






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Now then, some massive vertebrae fossils were discovered in Northern Columbia. The fossils were taken to the Smithsonian institute for further study. They revealed that the fossils belonged to the giant snake which would have lived some time after the death of the dinosaurs in a very hot climate. The hotter the climate the bigger the snake.

Fossils found that belong to the Titanoboa

Fossils found that belong to the Titanoboa

This snake was called the Titanoboa. It has been dubbed the largest snake in the world and it was as long as a bus. It was also estimated to weigh one ton. This was a big snake. It preyed on other animals of course being a meat-eating reptile.

The full episode for the Titanoboa: Monster Snake can be found here: http://youtu.be/NCTKHHfsM7Y

Titanoboa title

Titanoboa title

This is all I have on this massive snake, called, Titanoboa: Monster Snake. Make sure to check back for more awesome stuff here on Topekasnew.com


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